PPN Group Sessions at 2020 Divisional APA Meetings

In 2020, the Public Philosophy Network will host affiliated group sessions at all 3 APA meetings for the first time ever.

Here’s the lineup!

2020 Eastern Division APA Meeting in Philadelphia, PA

Philosophical Progress Through Public Philosophy
Ian Olasov (CUNY): ”Public Philosophy and Philosophical Progress” 
Christina Cammarano (Salisbury University): "Becoming a Better Thinker, Teacher, and Writer: Thoughts from the Tenure Track on How Philosophy for/with Children Improves Me as a Philosopher” 
Thi Nguyen (Utah Valley University): "Seductions of Clarity”

2020 Central Division APA Meeting in Chicago, IL on Sat., Feb. 29, 2-5pm

Should Philosophers Be Advocates?
Evelyn Brister (Rochester Institute of Technology) “Partisans, Enablers, and Honest Brokers: Activism and Credibility”
Eugene Chislenko (Temple University): "The Role of Philosophers in Climate Change”
Xhercis Mendez (California State University, Fullerton): “Building Transformative Justice Approaches to Relationship Violence in Academia”
Alisa Bierria (University of California, Riverside): “Grassroots Philosophy and Going Against the Grain”